Penhouet among the five nominated by the magazine Azart at the « Drawing and Water Colour Exhibition » in  Paris in 2004.

First prize at the tenth (10 th) International Collage Exhibition (Paris) . For his second participation, ( 2nd rank in 2002) , the artist obtained the first prize of the Exhibition…….

Guest of honor at the second exhibition PICTUR’ART which was held on March 11,12 and 13 in Aillant-on-Tholon (89) in 2005.



My grandfather used to sketch on his drawingbook; as for me, I use   a  digital camera . He worked on his sketches again in his studio ; I transform my negatives on my computer with appropriate programs; then, I touch up the prints by hand in order to get from five to seven black and white sketches. Then I paint them one by one, spin them together (5 layers of paper) and finally hollow them out. The approach (or method) has been the same for ages : observing,transforming and expressing  with one’s own personality and technique. This year, I have mainly worked on scenes from street life or their alterations. The purpose is to create new pictures which are very different from the initial reality in order to enter a dreamlike world. Shapes and colours join together in an imaginary whole. I have been working on this method since 1975 : digital alteration, painting and spinning from daily life scenes or scenery. I often give two or three visions of each object which is dealt with similar and different ways at the same time. In my work, an abstract part consists in making place for chance owing to a series of forty geometrical shapes which are put at random on pre-set grids at the back of the paintings and specifying the spaces of cutting up. By way of spinning, the paintings get intertwined;  then, by successive hollows, pictures come to life again as in an archaeological reconstruction which would give place to the spectator’s imagination.